Exhibitions & CV
Lisa Slater makes automata primarily from wood creating handcrafted wet timber pieces and bespoke commissions. Lisa's work reflects a humorous insight for the application of movement in automaton that are beautifully made with an added dimension. Each automaton is unique responding with the materials to produce an original outcome.
Lisa is influenced by historical craft and folk art objects, her love of animals and things that give humour. She creates simple mechanical pieces where the quality of material choice or objects reused create automata with charm and craftsmanship. Lisa's way of seeing and attention to detail results in delightful work.

Born in Yorkshire, Lisa returned teach and establish one of the leading Design Technology Departments in England. After 20 years when it was time to engineer her own future Lisa set up her studio and picked up her ideas where she left them in the Mid 80's after her BA Hons in Wood Metal Ceramics at Manchester Metropolitan University.
Lisa lives and makes Automata in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire in her studio at Northlight Art Studios.
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